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The KBC Company Lottery Manager’s name is Akash Verma. Both the KBC Lottery 2022 and WhatsApp lottery 2022 are available for you to research the KBC Company lottery here. Akash Verma is the name of the KBC Lottery manager for the year 2022. You can get in touch with KBC Company or his lottery manager at any of the phone lines listed for the information of KBC fake WhatsApp message. KBC manager doesn’t call anyone regarding the KBC lottery or about What is KBC WhatsApp lottery. This means that any call from someone pretending to be Rana Pratap Singh is an indication that you’ve been conned. Contact a KBC Lottery Manager if this occurs.

Additionally, Rana Pratap Singh manages KBC 2022. To get in touch with Mr. Rana Pratap Singh, telephone the phone numbers mentioned below.

Akash Verma KBC WhatsApp number

Contact Information for KBC Lottery Managers

  • Akash Verma’s phone number is +19188444474
  • KBC Lottery Manager Rana Pratap Singh’s phone number is +19188444474.
  • Akash Verma, the KBC manager, has a WhatsApp number of +19188444474.
  • Rana Pratap Singh, the official KBC manager, has a WhatsApp number of +19188444474
  • +19188444474 is the KBC WhatsApp number.

Scammers are utilizing photographs of Akash Verma and the KBC 2022 brand to make the lottery fraud appear legitimate. Non-Indian number +19188444454 is claiming that the user has won Rs. 25 lakh reward money in a lottery by sending a message with a poster image attached. The customer is then instructed to phone 19188444454, where they will be informed that they have won the lotto. Additionally, an audio message accompanies the poster detailing the steps necessary to receive funds in a bank account. Of course, this is a rip-off and should not be taken seriously.

Akash Verma KBC Lottery Manager 2022

The sender of a KBC lottery 2022 SMS through WhatsApp claimed to be Akash Verma KBC lottery manager 2022, a bank manager at SBI, or any other officer of the bank. However, you must contact the KBC display office phone in order to attend the exhibition. The KBC phone number has been added to our professional website. What if you need to get in touch with the KBC staff, for instance? In this case, you may get all of the information you need regarding the KBC claim number on our professional website. The KBC game show’s phone number is listed here.

In the past, scammers have used similar tactics to con people into handing up their bank account numbers and other financial information. Hackers utilize a variety of methods to deceive WhatsApp users.

Compared to the message that went viral between September and November of 2021, the new WhatsApp message is somewhat different. There was a picture of Amitabh Bachchan, the host of the KBC, and Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries. The “KBC Office “‘s” contact information is likewise different in the two texts. WhatsApp users may get the following message in its entirety:

Complaint against KBC Company for Making a lottery False Call

The KBC company lottery scam calls have been piling up lately. The mobile lottery fraud is back, or in other words, scammers are targeting the unsuspecting for financial gain. Additionally, they send an SMS to the KBC Head Office in order to reclaim their official ID. We strongly advise you to ignore any phone calls or SMS messages of this nature. To prevent being a victim of this sort of scam, contact the KBC main office. Find your name on the KBC 2022 winners list and give us a call if you don’t already have a lottery number. After that, you can phone the KBC main office to verify the winning ticket’s specifics.

Customers often phoned the KBC Lottery 2022 headquarters to inquire about this issue. So don’t be afraid to get involved. Using our service is a safe and genuine option for you. In order to win the KBC online lottery, you must utilize the lottery’s official number. If this is not the case, then no one is responsible for any damages. You won’t have any issues if you use the official site.

Scams like this can be recognized in a number of ways:

  • One must use caution while reading any letter that mentions financial benefits.
  • Sending a message to an unknown number should be considered an alert, not an invitation to engage.
  • Messages containing grammatical errors and incorrect English should be avoided at all costs.

KBC Company Lottery 2022 Winner

  • As soon as you consider communication to be a scam, block the number. -Don’t open attachments from unknown senders.
  • If a phone number appears to be dubious, do not open the message. Non-Indian number in this situation.
  • Keep your OTP private and never share it with anybody.
  • Such mails should never be forwarded.
  • The thumb rule is to be followed: Never send money to someone you don’t know in the hopes of making a lot of money. There is no way this will come to pass.

Additionally, the Delhi Police has published certain safety measures, and instructions that you may wish to share with anyone who you suspect may be vulnerable to con artists. They’re available here. Messages notifying you that you have won a lottery or a reward are almost always scams. The letter’s poor writing, grammatical faults, and other obvious evidence that the communication is not real will be revealed upon closer inspection. These con artists prey on your avarice. Becoming enamored with your own self-interest might cause you to overlook safety procedures like talking to close friends and family members or getting a second opinion before believing anything.

In any legitimate lottery or reward, taxes and other fees are removed from the prize money, and the winner receives the amount that was taken away. So, why are you required to pay these fees in advance in order to receive the fictitious lottery money? Ask yourself. This is the case since it is a scam, and you have not won any money. When a caller refuses to divulge any information, it is a red flag that something is amiss.

KBC Fake WhatsApp Message

The instant messaging software WhatsApp is growing increasingly vulnerable to hackers. People are being duped by a new WhatsApp fraud, which uses the moniker Kon Banega Karodpati. Fraudsters are luring unsuspecting Indians with claims of a Rs 25 lakh jackpot, according to reports. A fortunate draw has awarded Rs 25 lakh to the recipients of this WhatsApp message. Cashback is being tested by WhatsApp Payments in India at the same time.

Claims that their mobile number has won a lottery jointly organized by Kon Banega Karodpati and Reliance Jio worth Rs. 25 lakhs are made via WhatsApp by conmen, according to Delhi Police’s Cyber Crime Unit (CCU).

To complete the transaction, they’ll need your phone number. In order to complete the lottery, the victims are requested to pay a specified refundable sum, as well as GST and other fees.

Victims are asked for further funds once their initial payment has been made; they demand that the victims only contact them over WhatsApp.

It’s deja vu all over again: a new WhatsApp scam is hitting the rounds. An old WhatsApp fraud is making a comeback. To trick people out of their hard-earned money, scammers are sending messages claiming that they have won a Rs 25 lakh lottery prize.

Fake WhatsApp Message from KBC Staff

WhatsApp users are reporting a false message regarding the popular game show KBC on television. An Urban Phase resident told The Tribune that she and a coworker had received WhatsApp messages from +19188444474, which is a Pakistani phone number that has been reported. As a bonus, they received a recording and an accompanying video informing them that their cell phone number had been chosen for the KBC lottery jackpot. Reliance Jio Info com and the famous game show KBC were both used by the Indian government to perpetrate a lottery fraud.

An enormous number of people were targeted by the scheme scam, which sent emails promising to pay out 25 lakh to “winners.”

Thank you for availing of our services,” they claimed to have received in a picture. In our 10th fortunate draw, your name was drawn out of the hat, and we’re mailing you the original letter with a check image that you can use to withdraw the money from your local bank after paying any applicable taxes.

Lottery winners should remember this phone number and use WhatsApp to contact MD Vijaya Kumar, who may be reached at 19188444474. On WhatsApp, MD Vijaya Kumar 19188444454 is the number to call in order to get the lottery money.

Akash Verma KBC Lottery Head Office 2022

If you phone 19188444474 and ask who it is, a man who answers says he lives in Pakistan, and that number belongs to him and that he is not associated with any lottery system, according to Manpreet, who got the WhatsApp messages from this number. According to her, he didn’t provide any explanation when we asked him about the photo he had on his WhatsApp profile, which features an image of the KBC and its emblem. There have been a number of similar examples of scam communications reported by residents around the country when The Tribune crew searched the Internet. On average, ten reports of fraud were received by people,” Rajeev of Mission Discovery Detective Services, a private detective firm in the city, stated. ATM and debit card fraud is the most common, but communications like these are on the rise.”

Locals were forced to turn to private investigators since the police were unable to hunt down the criminals, he said. Typically, he added, scammers prey on folks who aren’t well-educated. Furthermore, the administration is doing little to raise public awareness about the situation. IGP, Cyber Crime stated that “such WhatsApp-based crimes are fresh on the list of cyber frauds and are similar to those Nigerian instances previously recorded with the Cyber Crime section.” People, he warned, should be on the lookout for these scammers, even if they haven’t been prosecuted yet.

What does the KBC WhatsApp Lottery scam mean?

For the most part, we have no idea what to make of online scams. I instance, who would believe the Nigerian Price scam? We are not white, and so white guilt does not apply to us. However, because most of us are desperate for money, we fall prey to the KBC lottery con.

Authorities in Delhi said con artists are sending WhatsApp messages to people claiming that their phone number has won Rs. 25 lakh in a lottery held in conjunction with Reliance Jio and KBC.

After that, they’ll need your phone number to proceed with the transaction. Paying a fee for lottery processing, GST, and other fees are then requested from the unwitting victims.

After the victim deposits the money, they begin to demand additional money on various pretexts. WhatsApp is one of the preferred methods of communication for scammers. After enticing the victim to make deposits in many accounts, the scam carries on for weeks or even months, depending on how long they can maintain convincing the victim to make deposits. Finally, when the victim refuses to pay more, they stop phoning him or her and replace the WhatsApp numbers that were used in the scam.

As long as they can keep coercing the victim into depositing money into numerous bank accounts, they may continue the scam for weeks or even months at a time. It’s common to practice to keep the victim interested and engaged over time by informing them that the lottery prize money has been increased from Rs. 45 lakhs to Rs. 75 lakhs, etc. Ultimately, they stop phoning the victim and cease the WhatsApp numbers that were used in the fraud when the victim refuses to pay extra.

KBC Manager Name

An investigation into this problem is warranted, and it might turn into a big scam. Sony TV did not seek money for KBC, and Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan urged viewers to be wary of anyone who asks for money.

“All India SIM Card Lucky Draw Competition” is the bogus WhatsApp message being spread. The audio tape that accompanies this message reveals the details of this phone lottery. The message was issued from KBC Mumbai, according to the audio sample. The user’s WhatsApp number was chosen in a random drawing by the firm. It has been revealed that the user has won Rs 25 lakh in a lottery.

There were five thousand cell numbers picked from Vodafone-Idea, Airtel, BSNL, and Reliance Jio in the audio recording. The user (who has got the SMS) gets Rs 25 lakh out of these 5,000 numbers. The manager’s phone number is also included in the message.

A WhatsApp call to the manager’s phone number, +19188444454, is the sole way to learn about the following steps. KBC does not run any kind of “lucky draw” competition; therefore, please disregard this message.