Akash Verma KBC Lottery 2023

The KBC’s Company Lottery Manager name is Akash Verma. He is working in KBC company since 2015. You can get in touch with KBC Company or his lottery manager at any of the phone lines listed for the information of KBC fake WhatsApp message. KBC manager Akash Verma do not call anyone regarding the KBC lottery. This means that any call from someone pretending to be Akash Verma is fake.

Additionally, to get in touch with Akash Verma please contact +19188444474. According to KBC, the current KBC host name is Akash Verma. He is also the host of KBC lucky draw 2023 and WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2023 since 2019.

KBC Lottery Manager Name 2023

According to KBC, Akash Verma is an Executive Vice President and the Group Head of KBC Lucky Draw at KBC. Directors of KBC Limited are Rana Pratap Singh, Vijay Kumar and Sonia Kumari. most famous manger of KBC lucky draw is Rana Pratap Singh.

Akash Verma Salary:

Average KBC lottery manager salary in India is 5 Lakhs for experience between 1 years to 5 years. KBC Manager salary at WhatsApp lucky draw range is 3 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs.

Akash Verma KBC WhatsApp number

Contact Information for KBC Lottery Managers

  • Akash Verma’s phone number is +19188444474
  • KBC Lottery Manager Rana Pratap Singh’s phone number is +19188444474.
  • Akash Verma, the KBC manager, has a WhatsApp number of +19188444474.
  • Rana Pratap Singh, the official KBC manager, has a WhatsApp number of +19188444474
  • +19188444474 is the KBC WhatsApp number.

Scammers are utilizing photographs of Akash Verma. Fake callers call from non-Indian WhatsApp number is claiming that the user has won Rs. 25 lakh reward money in KBC by sending a message with a poster image attached of Akash Verma. The customer is then instructed to phone Akash Verma 19188444454, where they will be informed that they have won the KBC Lottery 2023.

Akash Verma KBC

Akash Verma KBC Lottery Head Office 2023

Akash Verma head office is in Mumbai everyone who want to participate in KBC lucky draw can visit Akash Verma head office. The head office address of Akash Verma is Lower Parel, Friends Colony, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070. The WhatsApp number of Akash Verma is +19188444474.

The sender of a KBC lottery 2023 SMS through WhatsApp claimed to be Akash Verma KBC lottery manager 2023, a bank manager at SBI, or any other officer of the bank. However, you must contact the KBC display office phone in order to attend the exhibition. The KBC phone number has been added to our professional website. What if you need to get in touch with the KBC staff, for instance? In this case, you may get all of the information you need regarding the KBC claim number on our professional website. The KBC game show’s phone number is listed here.

Fake WhatsApp Message on the name of Akash Verma

WhatsApp users are reporting a false message regarding the popular game show KBC on television. An Urban Phase resident told The Tribune that she and a coworker had received WhatsApp messages from +19188444474, which is a Pakistani phone number that has been reported. As a bonus, they received a recording and an accompanying video informing them that their cell phone number had been chosen for the KBC lottery jackpot. Reliance Jio Info com and the famous game show KBC were both used by the Indian government to perpetrate a lottery fraud.

An enormous number of people were targeted by the scheme scam, which sent emails promising to pay out 25 lakh to “winners.”

Thank you for availing of our services,” they claimed to have received in a picture. In our 10th fortunate draw, your name was drawn out of the hat, and we’re mailing you the original letter with a check image that you can use to withdraw the money from your local bank after paying any applicable taxes.

Lottery winners should remember this phone number and use WhatsApp to contact MD Vijaya Kumar, who may be reached at 19188444474. On WhatsApp, MD Vijaya Kumar 19188444454 is the number to call in order to get the lottery money.