How to Register for KBC – KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2024

We all know that KBC is a famous quiz show, and many people are participating in this show. Everyone comes to this show with the hope that they will become a millionaire. If you don’t know how to register for a KBC show please call Rana Pratap Singh KBC +19188444474. You can use lifelines for help between shows, like calling a friend, taking a poll, etc.

So let’s discuss KBC, and you will get all the details in this article.

How to play KBC on mobile?

KBC has started its 12th season, and it is one of the most famous shows people enjoy watching while sitting in their homes. They are also waiting every day to see this show. This show, hosted by Amitabh Bhachan, is also why people love to see this show. But now you can easily play KBC on mobile. You can play along with the Big B and the candidates on the KBC App by enrolling for KBC. By this, you can become a lakhpati, so register now on your mobile for KBC and win lakhs of money.

How to register for KBC?

For registration, you can easily register through the KBC Liv application. So what you have to do is install the KBC Liv app from the play store if you don’t know how to register for KBC, and those who are using iPhones can also easily install this app from the play store. After that, the main thing is that you must not forget that you will get all the questions in ads on the television.

Who is the owner of KBC?

Famous actor Amitabh Bhachan is the host of KBC. This show gives a chance to the competitors to win a million rupees in India. The most popular game show in India is KBC.

Who is Rana Pratap in KBC?

KBC has introduced the 12 sessions in which Rana Pratap is a manager of the KBC lottery. The KBC lottery manager will choose the winners, and you will see so many winners’ names every day. One of the best things is that the winner can quickly check their names, and also, if they have any confusion, they can call the KBC lottery manager and clear their doubts.

Many fake users will contact you for the money in the name of Rana Pratap and ask you for the money; then, they will give you the lottery. So don’t trust them. If you have doubts, then clear your doubts by calling Rana Pratap lottery manager. KBC TV has given Rana Pratap a chance to be a lottery manager in which all the contestants can participate. The prize of this lottery is 25 lakhs.

How to play KBC online?

These are some of the steps given below that will help you to play KBC online:

  • Install the KBC Liv app from the Play Store on your mobile.
  • Now add your details like phone number and email address on the app.
  • Now select your age and gender.
  • Provide all the details regarding your educational background.
  • Now select the state where you live.
  • Now, you can answer the KBC ads shown on the television in the form of options; you can choose your answer from A, B, C, and D.

When you answer all the questions then on your mobile, you will get a confirmation message.


The name KBC when we think of this name, the first thing that comes to our minds is that it’s a money game and at the same time it improves your general knowledge. Today’s generation is looking to earn more money, so it’s become easy for them to participate in this game and earn lakhs. The information mentioned above will help you clear all your doubts regarding KBC. So it’s essential for you that you must go through the data correctly.