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Let’s bust the myth! KBC calls: Fake or Real?

Is kbc lottery true? We’ll get to know in this article KBC is a popular quiz show that airs on weeknights on television. It honors players’ knowledge across a wide range of subjects.

However, there are instances where fraudsters disguise themselves as representatives and scratch crores of rupees at a stretch.

To prove that the kbc lottery fake call complaint is false, here’s a short story.

A 25-year-old police officer uncovered a digital platform that allegedly offered a prize of Rs 25 lakh to the winner in a big crackdown. The cyber cop assigned by the BKC cyber police was in charge of monitoring actions on social media sites.

He saw a promo for a digital version of the popular television game show ‘Kon Banega Karodpati,’ which supposedly offered the winner a prize of Rs 25 lakh. He was amazed with the way they announced the KBC winner name.

Further inquiry revealed that the advertising was fake, and that it used the image and voice of the show’s host, actor Amitabh Bachchan, to lure people to participate in the KBC online lottery. Participants were requested to make a deposit into the account of a man named ‘Rajesh Sharma,’ who plays a character named ‘Rajesh Sharma.’

Is KBC lottery true?

However, there are many fake calls that use the name of the lottery in order to scam people. If you want to be sure that you are not getting a call from a scammer, here are some tips that can help:

Is KBC lottery true?

  • if the caller asks for money or personal information, it is likely that they are not really calling from KBC;
  • if they ask for your bank account number and PIN code, they are most likely trying to get access to your account; – if they say you won an amount but then ask

The first thing that you should do is to contact KBC directly. You can do this by dialing the number given on their website. If they tell you that the call was legitimate, then it is safe to assume that the caller was also legit.

Sometimes, they will announce the kbc winner’s name. However, kbc lottery is real or fake

If they tell you that the call was not genuine, then there is a good chance that it was a scammer trying to get your personal information and money from your bank account.

The government has issued a warning to the public about a lottery fraud that offers “winners” a prize of Rs. 25 lakh. The Press Information Bureau (PIB) Fact Check account, which shared an image of the plan on Koo, stressed that it was a hoax and that the government had no involvement.

According to the PIB, scammers try to deceive people by stating they have won a lottery worth $25,000 through phone calls, emails, and text messages. “Please be wary of lottery con artists. Personal information should not be shared over the phone, by email, or through text messaging,” it stated.

KBC Lottery Kaise Check Karen

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KBC lottery is real or fake? Is the world around us?

According to a Delhi police instruction, in this type of fraud, the sender asks for assistance in enabling the transfer of a large sum of money, usually over email. The sender promises a commission in exchange. The scammers then ask for money to cover part of the charges associated with the transfer.

According to the false plan, the message’s recipient won a lottery of Rs. 25 lakh, which was jointly organized by Kon Banega Karodpati and Reliance Jio.

In its Instagram account, the PIB also included a link to the Delhi Police’s Cyber Cell, which provided more information about the “KBC Lottery Frauds” and advised people to take cautious while dealing with such claims.

What are the precautions in place?

1. Never reply to calls, texts, or emails claiming to be from the lottery.

2. Have you received an SMS or email informing you that money has been transferred to your account? It’s a ruse. Please do not respond.

3. Make sure your email account’s spam filters are up to date.

4. Follow the thumb rule: Never send money to an unknown person or entity in the hopes of getting a big return. This will never come to pass.

To file a complaint, follow these steps:

1. Obtain a six-month bank statement from the concerned bank.

2. Make a copy of all SMS messages received in connection with the suspected transactions.

3. A copy of your ID and proof of address as they appear in your bank records.

4.File a report with your local police station, detailing the entire occurrence and include the documentation listed above.