KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2024 Winners List – WhatsApp Awards 2024 Winners List

KBC WhatsApp lottery 2024 is also formally known as the KBC WhatsApp lucky draw 2024 game show, this is a program to give a chance to everyone to fulfill their dreams. To participate in WhatsApp lucky draw through KBC company please contact KBC WhatsApp number which is+19188444474. This number is also valid for the Mauritius WhatsApp winners. You can also get KBC WhatsApp lottery winner list 2024 and WhatsApp Awards 2024 winners list by calling +19188444474 KBC WhatsApp number.

According to KBC, The most lottery winners in KBC WhatsApp lucky draw is Rahul Kumar Sharma. The Most 25 lakh lottery winner in KBC WhatsApp is Vijay Kumar. Similarly the famous lottery winner in WhatsApp Awards Winners 2024 is Vinod Kumar. WhatsApp lottery is seasonal, which means that people get to play the game at certain months every year. Since the Jio KBC lucky draw 2024 has registered many sim cards, virtually everyone can participate in the KBC Lucky Draw 2023.

KBC Lottery Winner 2024 List WhatsApp Today

Dear customers, now we are showing the KBC latest Lottery winners 2024 List of Rs: 25,00,000 INR To Rs: 50,00,000 INR.

KBC Winner Name:Lottery No:Winning Amount:WhatsApp No:
Vinod Kumar Sharma1001025,00,000 INR837****127
Rahul Gupta8934825,00,000 INR982****726
Anjali Sharma1009325,00,000 INR872****417
Tariq Ali8388235,00,000 INR763****818
Sonam Kapoor8200035,00,000 INR648****019
G Kapoor9282050,00,000 INR912****836
Faisal Fit Show899150,00,000 INR768****666
WhatsApp Lottery Winner 2022 List

The main difference between KBC WhatsApp lucky draw and WhatsApp Awards 2024 lucky draw is that in KBC the winner can win up to 7 crore and in the WhatsApp lucky draw the winner can only win 25 lakh in the lucky draw. Similarly in KBC you can get 2 chances in a month to win the lottery but in WhatsApp you will get only 1 chance in a month to win the lottery.

Matching six numbers gets 35 lakh, Matching 7 is even bigger. But if you match ALL EIGHT of the lottery you might win 1 Crore. Under current rules of KBC Company Lottery 2024, which were updated in January 2024, you match all five numbers, then you win the KBC 25 lakh lottery online. You can also win some cash by using WhatsApp, Jio and Imo numbers.

Check KBC WhatsApp Lottery Online

There are only 2 ways to check WhatsApp lottery 25 lakh 2024 online. By calling on KBC WhatsApp Number +19188444474, the second is by visiting the KBC head office. By calling on KBC WhatsApp Number +19188444474, the second is by visiting KBC head office Mumbai. However, there is a lot you can do to increase your chances of winning.

First, you need to get a KBC sim card and a lottery number. After that you can become a WhatsApp winner of 25 lakh in KBC Lucky Draw 2024.

Next, you need to use the sim card by recharging regularly. Basically, playing the KBC WhatsApp lottery is similar to doing your routine daily activities. It is that easy. 

In other words, if you are a winner of the WhatsApp lottery, you would need to be discreet about your celebration. Someone out there might want to engage in lottery fraud, so it is best to protect yourself.

KBC Lottery Number Check Online

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Check Online 2024

KBC WhatsApp lottery Check 2024 system was first introduced in the live and top-rated Indian TV game show. After the massive success of the KBC show, KBC Ghar Baithe Jeeto (GBJJ) Jackpot, KBC introduced the KBC Lottery System under the supervision of lottery manager Rana Pratap Singh. As soon as the lottery system was introduced, it became a huge hit, making KBC more popular all across the country.

The online KBC lottery check system enabled people to register themselves and participate in the show easily. The online KBC lottery system also provides equal winning chances to everyone. With the presence of an online KBC lottery number system, there is no need to visit the KBC head office and get your Airtel lottery ticket. You can now achieve this from the comfort of your home.

WhatsApp Awards Lucky Draw 2023 Winners List

  • Rahul Kumar Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery number 20299 Winning Date 13 October 2023.
  • Vijay Shah Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 29293 Winning Date 13 October 2023.
  • Anita Singh Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 92928 Winning Date 13 October 2023.
  • Aslam Khan Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 22000 Winning Date 13 October 2023.
  • Sunil Kumar Winning Date 25 Lakh Lottery Number 78373 Winning Date 13 October 2023.
  • Khalid Ali Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 68274 Winning Date 13 October 2023.
  • Imran Khan DK Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 09383 Winning Date 13 October 2023.

For more information about kbc lottery winner 2024 25 lakh list, WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2024 Winners List please contact KBC head office number 0019188444474. You can also contact us for the latest Jio lottery winner 2024 list and KBC Company lottery 2024. All the WhatsApp international lucky draw winners can also contact us to get a lottery amount online in their account thanks.

Similarly for any information about KBC Jio WhatsApp winner list 2024 please contact us on KBC head office WhatsApp number 0019188444474. So most importantly all the WhatsApp winners can contact WhatsApp international lucky draw numbers.

KBC Lottery Fake WhatsApp Number

On the report of KBC, Mostly KBC lottery fake WhatsApp numbers are starting from 0092**** or +923****. If you receive the Call/SMS from these numbers please contact the KBC head office number 0019188444454 or report at the Police station. Because these fake WhatsApp numbers belong to Pakistan. Dear KBC WhatsApp winner, if your name is not showing in this table please contact KBC WhatsApp winner helpline 0019188444474. Finally we warn you that we don’t have any other KBC WhatsApp number. So if you have any query about KBC WhatsApp winner or about KBC WhatsApp winner list 2024 please contact KBC Company lottery 2024 number 0019188444454. Because this number is officially registered with KBC Jio WhatsApp official website of KBC.

You can quickly check your KBC lottery 2024 online or by calling the KBC head office number where you will speak to the KBC team. They will guide you and let you know about your KBC lottery status. Also, if you have queries regarding the KBC lottery 2024, you can speak to them.

The online KBC lottery 2024 system creates an online list of KBC lucky winners that anyone can check. Each month, the list updates with new winners, allowing you to keep yourself updated regarding your lottery status.

KBC Head Office WhatsApp Contact Number Detail

  • KBC Head Office Number Mumbai 0019188444454.
  • Jio KBC head Office Number 0019188444474.
  • KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number 0019188444474.
  • KBC WhatsApp Number 0019188444454.
  • All India KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number 0019188444474.

Above all numbers are KBC Head office numbers for registration and for lottery information. If you have any query about the lottery or about the registration for the WhatsApp lucky draw please contact above number and get the lottery details thanks. Similarly WhatsApp Warn you that we don’t have any other number beside these numbers mentioned above.

How to confirm your WhatsApp lottery Online?

When you win the WhatsApp lottery, the first thing to do is to ensure that it is undoubtedly true. Sadly, so many people receive false notifications that they have won the KBC lottery, and they usually fall for the lottery fraud.

Thus, great ways to confirm that you are a WhatsApp winner are via our online portal. Once you put in your lottery and phone numbers, you will see your status. 

Furthermore, you can confirm by also calling our helpline center and then checking WhatsApp lottery winner list. We usually advise our customers to do all three ways because of the high prevalence of WhatsApp winner 2024 fraud. On the other hand if you receive any fake lottery call then please call kbc head office number 0019188444474.

KBC Lottery Number Check WhatsApp

Now you can check the WhatsApp lottery on this official website. To check the WhatsApp lottery on KBC official website just enter your WhatsApp number and token number and click on the check lottery button you will get your lottery result on your WhatsApp. You can also check the KBC lottery by calling on KBC WhatsApp number +19188444474. This is the only 1 head office number where you can get KBC WhatsApp lottery information.

To check your KBC Lottery by WhatsApp, register for the KBC WhatsApp Call facility by sending an SMS. After a one-time registration process SMS Lottery/space 10 digit Winner Number and send it to 191-884-4454 / +191-884-44474 from your winner mobile number.

WhatsApp Lottery Kaise Check Karen

WhatsApp lottery online check karny k liye apko sab sy pehly KBC head office WhatsApp number +19188444454 par call kar k apna lottery number lena hi us k baad apko KBC official website visit karna hi. KBC official website visit karne ke bad apna apna lottery number and winner mobile number check lottery jahan par likha hai us mein enter karna hi and check lottery button par click kar dina hi ap k samny aapki lottery show ho jaiye gi k apki lottery lagi hi k nai.

KBC WhatsApp Number Lucky Draw 2024

KBC has just announced their thrilling KBC lucky draw 2024! Another common query that many KBC fans have in their mind is regarding KBC lucky draw 2024. KBC held a lucky draw twice a month to ease KBC lottery participants and increase their chances of winning the lottery. It means if you are a registered KBC user, you can now take part in KBC lucky draw 2024 twice a month.

However, luck is not as common as you think. To win the jackpot, you have to buy the KBC lottery ticket. Yes, you can be the winner of the KBC lucky draw 2024 only if you are willing to try your luck. KBC brings its participants a mesmerizing opportunity to win millions and become rich to achieve all their dreams. In my opinion, KBC lucky draw 2024 is India’s only authentic game show that can make you rich in no time.

WhatsApp lottery fraud?

If you receive a notification that you have won a KBC WhatsApp lottery, but you haven’t participated in KBC Company lottery 2024, the message is not from KBC but a scammer. KBC will never charge you for claiming or receiving a lottery; if you are asked to pay Tax, Registration Fee or bank transfer fee in order to receive a lottery, you are being scammed.

Alternatively, the WhatsApp winner fraudster might request for your lottery number or some other information to access your winning prize. In short, be careful not to release any information to them. 

WhatsApp Lottery Winner 2024 List

No:Name:Winning Amount:Lottery No:WhatsApp No:
1.Rahul Kumar Gupta25,00,000 INR93873847****645
2.Vikram Kumar Singh25,00,000 INR67372877****655
3.Neha Kumari25,00,000 INR100937900****100
4.Rajesh Kumar25,00,000 INR8991999****132
5.Vijay Sharma25,00,000 INR0150764****654
6.Anita Kumari Thakur25,00,000 INR89917732****001
7.Ramzan Khan25,00,000 INR07860943****320

This is the latest WhatsApp winner list 2024, If you are a lottery winner but your name and number is not showing in this WhatsApp winner 2024 list please call KBC head office WhatsApp number 0019188444474 or 0019188444454. You can also contact this KBC office WhatsApp number to get your registered lottery number.

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Policies

While we might not be able to stop all the WhatsApp lottery fraud attempts swarming all over the place, we can protect our audience from being victims. Because your security is our utmost concern. Therefore, you should comply with all our policies.

This lottery season is filled with a lot of promises. Do not be left out. If you have not gotten a Jio lottery sim, do so today!.

KBC Lottery Registration Fee

KBC Winning Amount:Registration Fee:Late Fee:
15,00,000 INR5,000 INR7,000 INR
25,00,000 INR10,000 INR15,000 INR
35,00,000 INR15,000 INR20,000 INR
50,00,000 INR20,000 INR25,000 INR