KBC Lottery 2023 – KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2023

KBC is a well-known Hindi reality show that tests your knowledge and gives huge rewards in return. You might be the next lucky person to become a millionaire.

KBC needs no introduction. It is a reality KBC lottery 2023 show based in India that changed many normal people’s futures by making them millionaires.

The show is hosted by India’s one of the biggest and most popular actors, Amitabh Bachchan, and is loved by people worldwide. The show holds a special place in every household due to the knowledge it provides.

Amitabh Bachchan KBC 2023

KBC and Amitabh Bhachan have quite a special bond as he has represented the show since the first season. 12 out of 13 seasons were hosted and presented by him; however, season 3 was represented by a well-known actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Although Kbc was aired on Star Plus for the first 3 seasons, now it airs on KBC Entertainment Television and was produced by Big Synergy. Season 10 of the show was co-produced by Studio NEXT, while since season 11, it has been co-produced by Tree of Knowledge.

The show with the highest TRP has completed its 21 years this year. On this occasion, the producer Siddhartha Basu shared how he convinced Amitabh Bachchan for the show. He said No megastar had hosted a TV show in India, or anywhere else for that matter. The intention was to make the biggest bang possible. Amitabh Bachchan took some time to make up his mind about doing TV and was generally being counseled not to do so. However, he decided to see the recording of the original kbc lucky draw show in London before making up his mind. Once he saw it, he decided to do KBC with one rider so that we could replicate the conditions and discipline of that show. There was no looking back, and the scale and scope of shows on Indian TV expanded exponentially.“

KBC 2023

The show KBC is originally adapted from “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and follows the same format.

The host asks questions to the contestant, and there are four possible options shown on the screen. The player has to pay attention and select the right option. If answered wrong, you lose the game, and the game ends.

The absolute limit of the game has been 7 crores (70,000,000 INR) since 2013, but not everyone reaches there. Many players lose the game in between, and some quit before reaching halfway. Only a few people managed to reach the final point.

The game is never about luck but about the knowledge you have. The contestant gets four lifelines which they can use if unsure about a question. However, you need to be very careful and not waste these lifelines.

All the instructions are given prior to the game show so that contestants can take

time and get ready to win.

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How to Redeem Jio KBC Points?

KBC has introduced the Jio KBC play where the audience plays from their homes on mobile phones and wins amazing prizes. Here is all about it;

How Does It Work?

It is a chance for you to win amazing prizes. You can play along with the live episode of KBC and answer the questions that are asked to the contestant. Select the best answer, lock it and wait for the results.

Rules to play JIO KBC Play Along :

· You get 30 seconds to answer the first five questions.

· Then, you get 60 seconds to answer questions 5 to 10.

· For the last five questions, there is no time limit given.

Game Reward System

Players playing the Jio KBC play along get 20 points for a question of 20,000 Rs. You have to redeem the points once you have earned them.

How to Redeem Jio KBC Play Along with Points?

There are different prizes for different points. You can redeem your points according to it. To redeem your jio KBC points, follow the steps.

1. Open the JioChat app

2. Click on Jio KBC play along

3. Select “play” and then “winning.”

4. Tap on “redeem as prizes” and get the prize according to your points.

What are the KBC Play Along with Prizes?

· USA Trip For A Couple

· One Hero Scooter

· Jio 5GB data

· 10,000 Rs Amazon pay voucher

· 1000 Rs gift voucher

· Ajio voucher Rs 5000

· Chance to participate in a live episode

· Trip for 2 to America

How to go to KBC 2023?

The registration for KBC 2023 was started on the 10th of May, 2023. KBC TV aired a short promo in which big B (Amitabh Bachchan) announced the registration date. The process consisted of four parts, i.e., registration, screening, online audition, and finally, an interview.

The first episode was aired on 28 August 2023, and the grand finale will be aired on 33 December 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 2020 KBC started from which date and month?

A. Season 12 premiered on 28 September, and the last episode was aired on 22 January 2023.

Q. KBC aired on which channel?

A. KBC is aired on the KBC channel.

Q. Can anyone play the Game?

A. People aged 18 and above can participate in the game.

Q. Are there any prizes for the jio KBC play along?

A. Players will be informed via messages.

Q. I am not a Jio customer, will I get the same points as a Jio customer?

A. Yes, everyone will get equal points.

Q. If I did not lock my answer, will my answer still be recorded?

A. Unfortunately, No.

Q. Are there lifelines available on Jio KBC Play Along?

A. There is no lifeline for those playing the game via Jio Chat.

Q. When can I redeem KBC Liv KBC points?

A. You can check your points on the leaderboard on The KBC Liv.

Q. Can I play only for a single episode?

A. No, you can play throughout the season and earn points.

Q. Which documents are required for claiming prizes?

A. You will need a valid address written on your adhar card or passport with a copy of your photo ID proof.

Q. Are there prizes for the play-along?

A. Yes, there are different prizes for different points.