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KBC is an Indian Television show that helps people to earn huge amounts of money through a quiz format. The contestant answers the question and each question and in return is rewarded with some money. The difficulty of each question is valued from the amount of prize it carries with it. Till now the highest amount on the show to win is 7 crore INR. The following information but the show are as follows


The show’s office is located in Mumbai, India. The television show works on the basis of the lottery and each lottery winner is called to Mumbai and participates in the competition. Each city in India has a KBC manager who looks after the lottery competition. Currently for the Mumbai division Rana Pratap Singh is the manager. The exact office location is at Lower Parel, Friends Colony, Kurla West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

How to Win KBC 2024

In order to win the show, it is important to keep up with your general knowledge and your learning skills. But many people forget that all the participants who get a chance to sit beside the great Amitabh Bachchan are struggling in their life, so if you are wealthy and are not in dire need of money then the chances are very dim for you to reach that level. There have been people who have won the show by winning hefty amounts worth 7 crore, one such example is of Sushil Kumar, a young boy from Bihar who lived a very average life and all of a sudden, he became a crorePati.

There are 13 questions. To help the participants 4 life lines are also given wherein the participants are given an opportunity to take help either from an expert or from audience or from a friend. This helps the participants to climb up the ladder and reach the milestone and win. It is equally important to keep a cool mind because for the initial 6 questions there is a countdown and you have to answer within 45 seconds, if you fail then you would lose. Overall, the game is dependent upon your skill and patience.

KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2024


Step 1: transfer the KBC cardinal app from the Google Play or App Store

Step 2: Once the app is downloaded, subscribe to KBC cardinal to participate live on. It’s necessary to remember that subscribers get additional advantages in terms of prizes.

Step 3: On the house page, associate degree possibility reading – Play on can seem, click thereon. Register and update your profile, select the language – Hindi or English as per your convenience.

Step 4: The fundamental rule for taking part in KBC Play on is that participants should be on top eighteen years older and a national of India. rigorously scan rules and rules before taking part.

Step 5: once queries square measure asked on the tv, they’re going to even be displayed on your mobile screens. within the stipulated time, choose the proper answer. Note that if you run out of your time otherwise you click on the wrong question, you’ll not be out of KBC Play on. you’ll still play with the ensuing question.

Step 6: every answer can win you points; correct answers can grant you two hundred points.


The whole participation process is online. The four stages of registering are

  • Registration
  • screening
  • online auditions
  • personal interview

Each participant would have to answer a certain general question and then wait for the result. The result will be determined based upon who answers the quickest. After that all participants would be asked to submit a video of theirs and then the screening process would be done. All the selected participants would then receive a call and they would be required to show their presence for a personal interview. Once this phase is over the participants would be participating in the fastest finger first and the person who answers the fastest would be given an opportunity to play the game.