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Congratulations! You just landed on the KBC official website 2024. On this KBC official website you can check KBC lottery status, KBC lottery numbers and KBC official numbers online. You will find all the KBC lucky draw shows timing on this official website. You can also get to stay up to date with breaking news on each KBC lucky draw activity. There are always updates about ( KBC Lucky Draws, KBC Registration, KBC Lottery Information) on this official website. So keep visiting the official website of KBC for the latest information about the KBC 25 lakh lottery.

According to KBC Official, you may call us via WhatsApp Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 23:00 hours EST for assistance with completing your application:

  • WhatsApp and KBC Lottery Services: +1 918 844 4474
  • Other Services (Lottery, Registration & Ticket): +1 918 844 4454
  • Please note that calls made to these official numbers are free for the first 10 minutes only, 1x per calendar week. Once you have used your 10 free minutes you may wait +2 days from the date of your most recent call to claim another free 10-minute call – or expedite your service with our paid support option.

KBC Official Website

Checkout the official websites of KBC.

KBC Fake Websites

If you visit any fake website then all your data and sensitive information can be sent to the fake website and they can steal or modify your data. KBC is warning you because these are websites and running from Pakistan.

KBC has declared the KBC lottery result 2024 on this official website. The KBC lottery result 2024 can be accessed from kbclotterywinnerlist.com and checkkbclotterynumber.com. These KBC lottery official websites are original and real and verified. Other websites are fake, imitated and bogus. We request that you don’t visit any other websites and don’t share your personal details and bank details to any other websites. If you share your details on any other websites then you may face a terrible situation. In such a case KBC administration will not be responsible.

KBC Official Website

KBC Official Contact Number Detail

No:KBC Official:Contact Number:
1.KBC Head Office Mumbai+19188444474
2.KBC Head Office Kolkata+19188444454
3.KBC Head Office Delhi+19188444479
4.KBC WhatsApp Number+19188444480
5.KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number+19188444170
6.All India KBC Official number+19188444459

Get started

Do you want to be a part of our big community of happy people? Get the chance to participate in exciting games and events and stand a chance to win mouth-watering prizes. KBC organizes lotteries, shows, lucky draws, and activities for several months every season. By getting a KBC registered sim card and staying tuned to the KBC official website, you instantly access these events. Mumbai: The KBC Tv Entertainment on Monday announced the results of the KBC 2024 Lucky Draw. Candidates can check their results on the official website kbclotterywinnerlist.com, the Chairman said in a statement.

Check KBC Lottery Status Online 2024

KBC Lottery Result 2024 or KBC Lucky Draw Result 2024 has been released by the KBC on this official website – kbclotterywinnerlist.com. Dear lover of KBC winner 2024, if your name or mobile number is not showing in this official website please call KBC official number which is 0019188444454. Dear fans of KBC, if you want to participate in this KBC lucky draw 2024, this is the only KBC registration official website please contact kbc head office number 0019188444454.

Highlights of the KBC Official Audition 2024 Date

Name of KBC Lucky Draw:KBC Online Sim Card Lucky Draw.
Season:Season 14.
Name of the Host:Amitabh Bhachan.
Name of the TV Channel:KBC TV.
Official Website:https://kbclotterywinnerlist.com.
Audition of the Year:2024.
Applying mode:Online registration for KBC Lucky Draw.

KBC Lottery 11th Lucky Draw Result 2024: Where To Check Results

The winners can go to the official website kbclotterywinnerlist.com, checkkbclotterynumber.com and jiokbcheadoffice.in to view their lottery. Make sure to keep your lottery number handy. Similarly The lottery ticket of KBC has been released on the official website, https://kbclotterywinnerlist.com.

About KBC 2024

Apart from the immediate freedom to participate in KBC events, you also get exposed to more opportunities resulting from KBC sponsorship of the shows. For instance, WhatsApp, Jio, Imo, etc. are all part of the KBC official website sponsorship network.

We always schedule posts on lottery winners lists, new season updates, revision of terms and conditions, participation, airing, etc. Therefore, the official website is your one-stop-shop for all information concerning our brand. We have provided a support base via different helplines and contact numbers to help you at every step of the way.

Caution! Avoid phishing websites and fake calls

There is only one KBC official website. Any other website apart from this one is fraudulent. You can easily spot a fake website through slight changes to the domain name. If they ask for your credit card details or tell you to make payment for registration, they are fake.

You might also receive a call, and the caller might state that you have won 25 Lakh or some other amount of money from the lotteries or lucky draws. Do not believe such calls until you have contacted our correspondence. No KBC official will tell you to deposit a certain amount of money to claim your prize.

To this effect, avoid +923***** or 00923****** numbers. These are Pakistani codes and are the numbers through which most KBC scams are perpetrated. They use the name of Rana Pratap Singh, KBC Lottery Manager. We have created web portals to confirm your status as a winner, and you can also contact our customer care for further directions.

KBC 25 Lakh Lottery Winner List 2024

No:KBC Winner Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Number:Official Number:
1.Anita Singh Thakur25,00,000 INR89910988****111
2.Rahul Kumar Verma25,00,000 INR0150890****001
3.Ramzan Khan25,00,000 INR89917768****543
4.Kiran Kumari25,00,000 INR44477799****744
5.Imran Khan DK25,00,000 INR100918921****611
6.Nasir Ali25,00,000 INR00786655****300
7.Sandeep Kumar25,00,000 INR00420999****554

Enjoy your experience with KBC Official Site

The increased number of scam cases have tried to deny our brand. Nevertheless, our KBC official website is here to make things easy and smooth for you. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and our primary goal is to give you an ethereal experience, while simultaneously protecting you from fraud.

Please do not reveal any private details regarding your KBC and call us once you notice anything suspicious. Do not forget to recharge your KBC sim card, stick to all the instructions, and enjoy our electrifying activities. The KBC website is here to change your life forever. Contact us today!