KBC Who Wants To Be A Millionaire | What is KBC

One of India’s most popular game shows is KBC. It started in 2000 and was created by the same producer who made Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in the United Kingdom. The show features actor Amitabh Bhachan as the host and has been one of Indian television’s top-rated programs for 16 years, with its current season still going strong. This blog post will look at some interesting facts about KBC that you may not have known before!

What is KBC 2023?

KBC is an adaptation of the British game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The original version was created by David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and Steven Knight in 1998. Since its starting, it has become one of the most well-known game appearances on television, with 20 different versions across five continents! However, India’s version of KBC lottery 2023 is the longest-running.

KBC Meaning

The title of KBC in Hindi is ‘Kon Banega Krodpati,’ which translates to “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” However, the English version would translate this exactly as it sounds. That’s why Amitabh Bachchan uses catchphrases like “Is that your final answer” when he asks contestants questions.

The Indian version of KBC was created by Siddhartha Basu and produced by his production company, Optimystix Entertainment. The first episode aired in June 2000 with actor Amitabh Bachchan as the presenter.

Amitabh Bachchan is KBC’s Host!

The famous Indian film star has been presenting this game show for over 16 years now! The program’s producers chose Bachchan because of his fame and experience as an actor.

KBC Format

The show is known for its exciting format, which changes very little from season to season even after 16 years on air! It also has many similar elements with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Including lifelines like phone-a-friends, ask the audience, and 50:50. The format of this wonderful game show is as follows:

The contestant should answer a series of general knowledge questions, with each question having four possible answers. One player can win up to 7 crore rupees by answering 15 such multiple-choice questions correctly without using any lifelines.

All contestants have three forms of assistance they can use at any time. They can use all three in one question or split them up across multiple questions.

Phone-a-friend: If the contestant needs help but cannot get it from anyone else, they can call one of their friends using a phone provided by KBC for this purpose only. It is an 800 number that connects to a landline, so the contestant’s friend must be in India and have a landline.

Ask-the-audience lifeline: The host will show the studio audience four options the form they can all vote on to help them answer their question. If more than half of the people vote for one option, that becomes the correct choice.

The 50:50 lifeline: This option removes two incorrect choices from the question.

From Which Number Does Kbc Call

The official number of KBC is 0019188444474.

KBC Audience

The audience plays an integral part in the show, especially contestants who are stuck. They can advise helping them decide or even take control of their game if they get stumped! During these parts, you will hear Bachchan say, “Saamne Ek bahana hai,” which means “The audience is a shield.”

The Kon Banega Krodpati contestants are ordinary people who have never been on television before. They are not actors, celebrities, or even models!The producers and organizers of the show state that they want to offer a stage for unknown Indians to make their mark in the industry. Many contestants find great success after appearing on the show, such as Airtel’s chairman Sunil Mittal.

KBC winners

The show has had many winners since it began airing in 2000, and the largest prize won to date is Rupees seven caroor! KBC became such a hit with audiences that an average of 50 million people tune in each week. More than 100 contestants have become millionaires so far through this game show.

In 2001, an Indian citizen Harshwarshan Nawathe won one caroor Indian rupee and became the first contestant to win one caroor rupee on Kon Banega Krodpati.

In 2018 an Indian woman Binita Jain won the top prize of Rs one caroor and a Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza car. The Narula brothers – Achin and Sarthak from Delhi, India, took home the top prize of Rs 7 crore.

KBC iphone app

There is an official KBC App available on iOS and Android devices! It contains all the same content as the TV show, but with additional features like live streaming of episodes and a facility called “Quiz Live,” which allows you to participate in live quizzes with other users.

KBC play along android app

The official KBC Play Along Android App is available on Google Play Store! It features the same content as the TV show, but you can also get notifications when new episodes or quiz schedules for upcoming seasons. You have a certain number of lives, and once those run out, you have to wait for the next day.

How To Lock Answers In KBC Play Along

The contestant can lock their answer by pressing the enter key on your keyboard. From there, they cannot change it until someone else locks an answer for a different question!

How Many Points Are Required For KBC Play Along

To pass the quiz, you need a score of 25 out of 30. You can get extra lives by playing games or watching ads on the app!

How Many Lifelines in KBC Play Along

There are three lifelines available: 50:50, Phone-a-Friend, and Ask the Audience. They work exactly as they do on the show!

When does KBC play along end?

The KBC Play along Live Quiz season runs from May 15th to September 16th every year. It will be back again next summer in 2020! So you have until then to collect all 30 stars and pass the quiz.

KBC is one of India’s most popular game shows ever. It has had thousands of contestants and winners who have gone on to accomplish great things in their lives! If you’re feeling lucky, give it a shot yourself by downloading the official app on your iOS or Android device today!

Stay tuned for Kon Banega Krodpati.