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KBC Winner List 2020 25 Lakhs – Check Your Lottery Online Free


KBC Winner List 2020 ! The reason for uploading the KBC winner list 2020 on our website is clear. Everyone deserves to know the lottery results. With this list, you can then know for sure that you are a winner since you can also confirm by calling the kbc head office. KBC adopted this idea of making the winner list visible at a glance also to inspire people to see the real winners and to prevent people from being fake caller victims. You can also check kbc lottery online on this website.

The previous months saw more winners than ever, and it goes a long way to state that it has become easier to be a KBC lottery winner. There have been cases where people missed their prizes because they had no ideas that they were winners. Thus, it is always important to stay up to date with us. KBC 25 Lakh Lottery is not the amount that you would want to miss for anything.

KBC Winners List 2020

No:Winners Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Numbers:Phone Number:Winning Date:
1.Imran Khan Dk25,00,000 INR1001072837xxxx92701 September 2020
2.Mansha Janii25,00,000 INR89910726xxxx15401 September 2020
3.Aslam Dardi25,00,000 INR89915862xxxx81601 September 2020
4.Kishan Kumar35,00,000 INR0044766xxxx21801 September 2020
5.Rana Pratap Singh35,00,000 INR1122888xxxx00101 September 2020
6.Vijay Kumar50,00,000 INR0150980xxxx01001 September 2020

Dear KBC online lottery winner if you don’t found your name in this winners list please contact us on KBC Lottery Head Office Number which is 0019188444454. To check kbc lottery online please enter your winning lottery number and your registered lottery number here. So don’t be late and contact kbc ( kaun banega crorepati ) as soon as possible. Because kbc lottery system is very short lottery system.

KBC Winners List 2020
KBC Winner List 2020
Check KBC Lottery Online

Check KBC Lottery Prize Online

KBC Winner List 2020

  • Ashok Kumar Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 01 September 2020.
  • Rakesh Kumar Gupta Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 01 September 2020
  • Anita Kumari Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 01 September 2020.
  • Rajesh Kumar Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 01 September 2020.
  • Sundar Singh Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 01 September 2020.
  • Irfan Boss Winning Amount 35 Lakhs Winning Date 01 September 2020.
  • Abid Boom Boom Winning Amount 35 Lakhs Winning Date 01 September 2020.

For more information about KBC Winners List 2020 please contact KBC Head Office number 0019188444474. You can also contact for Jio lottery winner list 2020 here.

KBC Lottery Fake Calls

To win the KBC lottery, you have recharge your sim card from time to time. The program will change your life if you follow a few steps. The grand prize for the lottery is 25 Lakh. Sadly, because of this, so many people have been tricked by fake callers. The only way to ensure that you are not on the losing end is to contact KBC official numbers to confirm for yourself. The KBC program is broadcast live every week, and the new KBC winner list 2020 would be announced daily.

Here are a few steps you can take to avoid fraudsters:

  • Any head office number that starts with 1001 is a fraudulent one. Apart from this, many Pakistani numbers are also involved in fraudulent activities. They include numbers that start with 00923***** or +923********. Stay away from them.
  • Do not send your secret or personal information to anyone. They could be used to gain access to some of your documents and steal your money.
  • Double-check if you are a winner by entering your required details (phone and lottery numbers) on our website.
  • Always check the KBC winner list 2020 on our website. Visit our “contact us” page and let us know what you wish to confirm.
  • Remember to keep it a secret when you win.

About KBC Winner List 2020

There are lots of prizes to be won on the KBC platform. Registrations for the new season are open, and you can start working your way into the KBC winner list 2020. Remember that the registration is automatic. In other words, you can start playing now, thanks to KBC’s partnership with sim card providers in India.

Do not forget the slogan, which is “who wants to be a millionaire?” All the information that you need to be a winner are on our website, and you can access them freely. We are always available 24/7, and we would not delay in providing any help we can to make you enter the KBC winner list 2020.

It is time for you to get into the KBC winner list 2020. Get into the lucky draw and keep your hopes high. It might be closer than you think. In summary, stay safe in all your activities with KBC and avoid falling for fake callers. Cheers.

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  1. I got a call from kbc and told me that i got 2500000/- through lucky draw, to claim that i had to send 25000/- i sent this money and again they ask i have to send 50000/- more. Is it the call from kbc?

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