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KBC Lottery Winner 2021 25 Lakh List – Check Your Lottery Free


A new decade with KBC – Being a KBC lottery winner 2021 this is the one of the best ways to start the new decade, and we want this for you. That’s the reason we have updated our information centre to feature the latest developments in the KBC system. So in this website you can check about KBC lottery fake whatsapp sms. Do you want to become kbc lottery winner 2021? Registered your mobile number in KBC Lucky Draw 2021 today and after lucky draw try to check your name in KBC winner list 202.1 If you don’t found your name in kbc winner list 2021 then please contact kbc head office number 0019188444479 or call kbc whatsapp number 0019188444478. We are focusing on two things here about kbc lottery 2021 and about Jio lottery 2021. So don’t be late and contact us on kbc head office for kbc online registration.

The first and probably the most important is avoiding fake callers, and we will also highlight the different ways that you can benefit from KBC. On our site, you would also see the list of lottery winners of the previous season. The KBC lottery is celebrated all over India, and we want you to be part of the celebration by being a KBC lottery winner 2021.

About KBC Lottery 2021

A kbc lottery is a lottery system of bollywood super start Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. In this lottery system every one can take part to win kbc 25 lakh lottery. This is a humble try to help the needy and poor peoples. The kbc full form is kaun banega crorepati a Sony tv game show by this show Mr. Amitabh Bachchan help a lot of poor peoples and their life has changed. We hope Mr. Amitabh Bachchan will continue this effort thanks a lot Mr. Amitabh and Sony Tv.

Ganyaal Singh Imo Lottery Winner 2020

Check KBC Lottery Number Online

No:Winners Name:Winning Amount:Phone Numbers: Lottery Numbers:
1.Juma Khan Bhati25,00,000 INR872xxxx2902020
2.Boota Khan25,00,000 INR871xxxx 0291001069
3.Nasir Sono25,00,000 INR911xxxx5610044
4.Anwar Ali25,00,000 INR922xxxx7621144
5.Habib Sethi35,00,000 INR871xxxx0918991
6.Abid Shahrukh khan35,00,000 INR761xxxx0110055
7.Ganyaal Kumar50,00,000872xxxx9101001081

We have updated all the kbc lottery number list of 2021 to check the latest kbc lottery numbers list please contact kbc head office number 0019188444454. Similarly you can get your registered lottery number only on from kbc lottery head office number 0019188444479. You can also contact us for kbc lottery fake whatsapp sms.

Ganyaal Singh (Kolkata), Gauni Kumari (Mumbai), Abid Bhoot ( Delhi), and the Shahbaz Jani (Gujrat) are the only other participants to have won 4 KBC 25 lakh lottery (2017-04, 2018-09, 2019-08, and respectively); Reiher also received a KBC 35 lakh lottery (2016), Imran DK a 15 lakh lottery (2021).

KBC Lottery Winner 2020 List Whatsapp
Amitabh Bachchan is discussing about KBC Lottery 2020

Check KBC Lottery Online

Dear KBC Winner if you don’t have your registered lottery number please contact KBC Head office Number which is 0019188444454. If you receive kbc lottery fake whatsapp sms please report immediately on KBC Head Office Thanks

KBC lottery winner 2021?

Buy a sim card if you do not have, and automatically stand the chance of being a lottery winner in this new season. Recharge the sim card every day and use it often. The lottery would be carried out twice every month, and you can be among the winners.

If you experience any difficulties with the steps above, you can call our head office or any of our helplines for directions. We have a portal on our website for you to check if you are a winner. In addition to this, the KBC lottery winner 2021 list Whatsapp would be updated for you to check for your name. If you are skeptical, you can find out from any of the winners about how real the lottery is.

KBC Lottery Fake Calls

If you receive an alert stating that you are a KBC lottery winner 2021, do not believe until you have confirmed it for yourself with us. They might tell you that you need to pay some tax or other fees to collect your prize. Never believe this because KBC would not ask you to do such.

Many of the fake callers call with Pakistani numbers, internet numbers, or some other international numbers. Therefore, they may have different codes and start with 1001, +923, 00923, +121, etc. Do not deposit any amount and do not volunteer any information to them

As a KBC customer, your safety is our priority, and we cannot afford to see you being preyed upon by the fake callers. Once you suspect any number, you mustn’t even pick the call at all. In case you pick up, and you suspect any foul play, hang up the call. Finally, when you are a KBC lottery winner 2021 list whatsapp, keep the excitement to yourself and do not announce it to anyone. They can duplicate your sim and collect your money.

KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winner 2021 List

  • Mr. Anwar Ali Tamba Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 01 January 2021.
  • Mr. Sarwar Lahori Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 01 January 2021.
  • Ms. Oud Qaum Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 01 January 2021.
  • Mr. Sajid Ali Saja Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 01 January 2021.
  • Mr. Faisal Big Show Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 01 January 2021.

For more information about KBC Lottery Winner 2021 List Whatsapp please contact kbc 0019188444454. You can also check the latest KBC Winners List 2021 here. So don’t be late and contact KBC Head Office Number 0019188444454.

Rahul Kumar KBC 25 Lakh Lottery Winner with Amitabh Bachchan

Connect with us today

KBC lotteries have changed the lives of many people in the country. With the current situation of the economy, this is the perfect time to connect with us. We expect to see unprecedented winning records in the KBC lottery winner 2021 list whatsapp. Remember to top up your sim card every day to boost your chances of winning. Get yourself eligible for the KBC lottery today. Contact us now for all inquiries concerning the new KBC season. It only takes a few steps. Much fun awaits us!

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