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Where is KBC head office – How much tax do KBC winners pay?

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The head office of KBC is in Kurla, Mumbai. You can also participate in KBC through calls. It has three head offices, the real head office of KBC is present in these three places in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi, you can call their head office and get the solution to any KBC-related question or problem.

What is the process of participating in KBC, you can ask all that directly through the head office of KBC?

Apart from this, people have also opened fake offices at many places, if you reach the office only after checking the real office, otherwise you can be a victim of some deception.

How much tax do KBC winners pay?

The winner has to pay 31.2% tax on winning the prize in KBC. In which if you win a car as much as it is 5 lakh, then 31.2% tax will have to be paid from its price, if its payment has been done earlier, then its tax has been given by the prize payer, otherwise, it has to be paid by the winner.

If you won one crore rupees and you do not want to withdraw from it, but it is lying in the bank, then you will have to pay tax on the interest earned in the next one year.

How to enter in KBC

You can enter KBC in total of three ways, in which we know which are the three ways.

1. KBC Liv

Anyone can participate in KBC without paying any charge, so everyone is eager for it, you can participate in it online only, there is no offline way in which you can participate.

In this, first you can enter KBC with the help of KBC Liv, in this you create an account on KBC app and fill all the information asked in it, after that you will get a message to confirm KBC.

2. SMS

Apart from this, you can also enter KBC through message. In which you have to text all the required details to 509093 using the space altogether but to enter this message you will be charged Rs 3 per message.

Along with this, there is another condition that only those people can participate in KBC through message. Who will be the subscriber of BSNL, airtel, idea, jio, vodafone. If you have a SIM card of any other company, then you cannot enter it through message.

3. IVR

By the way of IVR, you can take entry in KBC, in which you have to call 50525252 number but you should keep in mind that you get 6 rupees per minute for this call.

On the call, you will have to provide all your information that will be asked the call, after that your registration will be confirmed after answering all the questions correctly.

After completing the process of entering, you get a call in which you are asked three questions, if you answer them correctly, then you have to do any further steps after which you will be selected.

Who is playing KBC today

KBC is a very famous show which is hosted by very big actor Amitabh Bachchan. Common people can become millionaires by participating in this show. In which you have to answer some questions correctly, after that the names of the winners are shown on the KBC official television channel and you can see your name over there.

You can also try your luck by participating in KBC, in which you can participate in the above mentioned ways.

There are also some rules to participate in KBC, which you must read on the Official website of KBC before participating.

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