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Who is Vijay Kumar in KBC? – Vijay Kumar KBC contact number +19188444454

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The idea of earning money by participating in a game show has been a crowd-puller, and it all started with KBC. KBC first aired on Star Plus in 2000, giving away prize money of up to Rs. 1 crore to contestants who proved their calibre of general knowledge and current affairs. An Indian adaptation of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, it became an instant hit among young and adult minds alike, it has seen 14 seasons since then, and there is no looking back. However, do the contestants get all the money they win at KBC? Let’s look at it in detail.

Tax Deduction in KBC Prize Money in 2023

You must have seen contestants winning significant amounts within minutes in the KBC show. You must have seen the host, Amitabh Bachchan, signing winning cheque live on the show and handing them over to the contestants. However, that is just a gimmick, and the actual cheque comes from the KBC lottery 2023 team. Contestants do not get all the money they win at KBC since it is a taxable income that gets reduced at the time of final collection.

According to Section 56(2)(ib), any income earned by winning a lottery, crossword puzzle, race, game, or gambling is tax chargeable as “Income from Other Sources”. Any game show or entertainment program comes under the Games category, and the prize money is taxable. According to Section 194B, any person who wins a prize of over Rs. 10,000 gets the award after a TDS deduction of a flat 31.2%. That means a contestant who wins Rs. 1 crore at KBC will need to pay Rs. 31,20,000 as tax.

How to do KBC Registration?

There are three ways of doing KBC registration:

  1. Through the KBC Liv App: Install the KBC Liv app, provide your phone number and email address and other details, choose your state zone, and answer a question you see in the KBC ad.
  2. Through SMS: Type KBC<space><A/B/C/D><space><Age in years><space><Gender>, and send this SMS to 509093.
  3. Through IVR: Call 50525252, select the ad question’s answer, and answer other questions asked on the IVR.

After registration, you will get a final call for auditions in your city or a nearby metro city. Those selected in the audition will appear for a test and a personal interview. You reach the Fastest Fingers First round, and finally, the hot seat if you leave all other contestants behind.

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Who is Vijay Kumar in KBC?

Remember, online registration through the KBC Liv app, SMS, or IVR are the only ways to reach the hot seat, and all these procedures are absolutely free of cost. KBC does not ask for any registration fee for more detail please contact KBC Vijay Kumar WhatsApp number +19188444454. There has been a fake message being forwarded on WhatsApp. People receive Phoney calls from Vijay Kumar claiming to be the KBC company director. It is nothing but spam to dupe people, play with their emotions, and extract money from them. So, beware if you receive a call from Vijay Kumar from KBC don’t be late to call on Vijay Kumar KBC contact number +19188444474.

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